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Parenting is challenging in itself. Parenting during coronavirus takes it to a whole new level.

"The pressures of juggling work, chores and your kids' school schedules while under lockdown can seem overwhelming. But there are steps you can take to keep a sense of structure (and your sanity)!"

Hard as it is for adults to deal with the impact of an extended coronavirus lockdown, imagine the world of a kid whose life has been upended with the shutdown of schools, playgrounds, sport activities and interaction with friends. Kids have not only missed out on school education but have also been deprived of social interaction which is an important part of childhood development. Child psychologists worry that this is also putting their mental health at risk. While studies provide excellent information and advice for overwhelmed parents, we have but one question. "How can we bring back the joy?"

Here at Blueheel DanceStudio, we've missed the laughter of our dance kids, their unabashed sense of joy as they feed of their dance friends and push the limits of their imagination through dance. Physical activity is a crucial part of heathy development - mental and physical. A study commissioned by ParticipACTION to support the annual Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth, found that, before the pandemic, Canadian children were barely getting a passing grade for overall physical activity. According to that study, only 39 per cent of children aged five to 11 and youths aged 12 to 17 met the national physical activity guidelines.

Our goal for the new school year for kids 7 - 11yrs which begins September 8th - is to bring back the joy through fun, dance activity for kids. Let's do it >>>more on the Kids Dance Program.

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