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Updated: May 3, 2021

~ Great Music ~ Comparades ~ Dancing ~ Prizes ~ Trivia ~ Salsa Performance ~


6:00 - 7:00PM



1. Dress Code: Mexican

Chanel some Frida Kahlo in true Mexican style.

Ladies, anything colourful, floral and frilly will work.

Get creative - flowers in your hair, big colourful jewelry,

shawls, white off the shoulder top and a colourful skirt

As for guys, you can go from classic to cool to bad ass. A simple bandana or a straw hat, tattoos or T-shirt. Any colourful shirt paired with a bandana or a red scarf will do the job! Add a big buckled belt and that would really complete the look. Toss a straw hat into the look and you could be walking down the streets of Los Cabos or Tijuana! more tips here>>>

2. Food & Drinks

The perfect time to savour the delicious flavours of Mexico! Start prepping with these easy, authentic Mexican food recipes and drink recipes right here >>> Get your drinks ready because we will be kicking off with a Mexican drink salute. Get your margaritas or an Aguas frescas>>> refreshing non-alcoholic "fresh waters"

3.Decorate! It isn't a party without the streamers, red, green or yellow table cloths, balloons and streamers. From brightly-colored decorations, like papel picado, to fun interactive pieces, like piñatas and maracas, here are DIY decoration tips>>>(Don't forget there's a prize for best presentation).

Bring out your favourite guacamole, tacos or empanadas, Don Julio and everything Mexican or you can support local and order in from your local restaurant.

Located in the heart of Port Credit, El Jefe is famous for its authentic Mexican cuisine and potent margaritas. Order now for pick up or delivery.

Then simply join your Blueheel friends on line for the best Cinco De Mayo fun:

Learn a new Mexican dance: Will it be a merengue, a Mexican cumbia or folkloric? Find out when you join the party.

Pick up a few Spanish phrases that will make you sound like the locals

Find out how to raise a glass Mexican style: works best with Tequila or Mezcal

Live stream Salsa dance presentation by Saskia & Lucien Schmidt

Party Prizes: What's a party without prizes to be won? Bone up on your Cinco De Mayo trivia and you could win a prize or two

Did you know: Cinco De Mayo isn't just one more excuse for us to drink margaritas and eat tacos shamelessly. It has deep-seeded roots in Mexican history, commemorating the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.

Not surprisingly, 47% of all drinks ordered on Cinco de Mayo are margaritas. Tequila sales easily double within the week leading up to this infamous holiday. But, long ago this beloved Mexican alcohol couldn’t be enjoyed by all Mexican people. Centuries ago, Aztec priests used to make a milky beer-like drink from the agave plant called pulque. Only the priests could consume this precursor of tequila, which after a steep decline is slowly beginning to make a comeback.

Food, drinks, music, comparades, dancing and Chihuahua races (yes they do that in some places in the US) is what Cinco De Mayo is all about. What a great way to break the tedium of lockdown. Say Si Si and join us on May 5th!

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