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We had hopes that the coronavirus would be behind us before the new school year began but the future is still uncertain. It's a difficult spot to be in no doubt, for teachers, parents, school boards but especially for kids.

Hard as it is for adults to deal with the impact of an extended coronavirus lockdown, imagine the world of a kid whose life has been upended with the shutdown of schools, playgrounds, sport activities and interaction with friends. Kids have not only missed out on school education but have also been deprived of social interaction which is an important part of childhood development. Child psychologists worry that this is also putting their mental health at risk.

A recent study by the Ontario government says that 40% of parents interviewed would not be sending their kids back to school for fear of contracting the coronavirus. But what are the alternatives? Working parents who intend to home school have the biggest challenge.


Our goal for the new school year for kids 7 - 11yrs which begins September 8th - is to bring back the joy through fun, dance activity for kids, in a safe environment. Whether you choose to send your kids back to school or not in September, make sure they have a chance for fun and physical activity. This is where we can help:

  • NEW! KIDS LEARN & PLAY PROGRAM (Grades 1 - 6) Interim Tutoring Program starts Sep 21

This two day interim program is designed to help kids and parents who are schooling

from home. For three hours a day, twice a week, kids get tutored on key subjects

(English, Math, Science) in person at Blueheel with an hour dedicated to dance so they

get the social interaction and physical activity they need - but in a safe environment

with small class sizes.

Because of social distancing requirements, spaces are limited so please enroll early to

give your kids a break from this extended lockdown. Plus you get a well deserved break

while they are having fun and learning at Blueheel.

  • 2020/21 KIDS BALLROOM PROGRAM (Ages 6 - 11) starts Tuesday, Sep 8th.

This year-long program is specifically crafted to capture the fun element and creativity of young students whilst developing poise, confidence and etiquette in a social environment. Students will the the basics of Latin & Ballroom Dance and each group will focus on specific dances to perform at the year end grand showcase.

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