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founders of blueheel dance studio

Photograph by Tony Leung

Founders Caroline Augustin and Bee Songvilay started their first dance studio in Mississauga in 2003, driven by their love of dance and a desire to share this awesome activity with others. They decided that if they were going to provide a dance service, it would have to be the strongest, most professional delivery of dance teaching. Thus the name “Blueheel” because when it comes to dance, we are "well heeled and true blue".

Blueheel is a Latin and ballroom dance studio that has taken the traditional dance form to a whole new level with its eclectic mix of classic ballroom and the raw energy of street dancing. The studio adopts the internationally recognized DVIDA syllabus and provides a comprehensive dance offering to students, which ranges from social dancing, competition, medal grading, and instructor training to events such as showcases and dance festivals. All instructors are professionally trained under the DVIDA System.


Blueheel’s strong image and marketing edge are a direct contribution of founder and CEO, Caroline Augustin whose extensive experience in this area helps sets Blueheel apart. Augustin describes herself as the “accidental entrepreneur”, having fallen into the dance business when she realized how deeply it resonated within her. It was quite the switch moving from a successful Corporate Marketing career to starting a business in a field so new and far removed from the world of banking and corporate management. She took the leap and never looked back.

Joined by co-founder Bee Songvilay, the Blueheel team has managed to bundle dance instruction, health and fitness, and social bonding into a totally fun experience that is undeniably appealing to the overworked, over-stressed individual. Being able to dance certainly enhances your life and gives you that important edge to move ahead socially or professionally.  More importantly, the research on latin & ballroom dancing has shown that besides the physical benefits of active movement, dance helps build  mental and emotional health.

The management team challenges itself to bring out the natural abilities in the individual, to boost confidence in social situations, and to improve agility and general well-being. Blueheel has over the years built a reputation of delivering excellent dance instruction in a fun, vibrant atmosphere that fosters friendship and camaraderie.

Blueheel Dance Studio focuses its efforts on bringing those benefits of dance into the everyday lives of everyday people.

Blueheel is an active part of the community, strongly believing in giving back through participation in fundraising projects, scholarship programs, and supporting youth programs. Since 2013, Blueheel has been an active partner of the Community Foundation of Mississauga’s Dancing with the Mississauga Stars Fundraising Event. More recently, it has been involved in the Small Arms Society and its efforts to reimagine the historical Small Arms Building at 1352 Lakeshore into a Creative Hub for the Community.

Dance, like art, can be experienced at many levels – as an instinctive response to a beat or rhythm for the sheer enjoyment of the music, or as a pattern of steps that is performed as a visual language of a story being told. A partner dance, which requires two people to perform a sequence of moves, is in itself a lesson in communication. At the end of the day, the pleasure that one derives from being able to glide gracefully across the dance floor in perfect rhythm and time with one’s partner is sheer joy. Too good not to be shared.

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