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Here's the new vocabulary that's trending for Christmas gift giving this season - Less stuff. Conscious giving. Zero waste. Wellness and experiences. There's a fresh new take on gift giving and it's just as delightful as brown paper packages tied up with string. With the rapidly growing movement towards sustainability and reducing the amount of waste we put into this world,If you're looking for experience gifts and zero waste gifts, there are abundant choices that make giving more personal and meaningful, especially for like minded people:

- classes and workshops

- concerts or sporting events

- ice skating or rock climbing passes

- how about geocaching

- or edibles (I'm talking home baked

family recipes here)

- house plants vs cut flowers

- local produce and wines

- movie or theatre tickets

- a staple-free stapler (my favourite)

- Cloud 9 Living or Dakotabox

These presents will be likely be truly appreciated and will generate many wonderful memories!


Learning to dance is one of the best things you can gift yourself or anyone else. Not just because it a fun and enjoyable social activity, it's really good for your health (and a lot more enjoyable than the treadmill). How else can you get a good cardio workout, learn a new skill, sharpen your brain, improve your mental health and happiness - all while having a real good time.

Know someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle? Time to get them moving for health's sake.

Know a party wallflower? Time to get them out of their shell.

Know an activity junkie? Give them their cardio while learning social skills.

Know someone who needs to shake off the blues? Dance is a definite mood booster.

Know any couples who need a date night? Dance is a great way to reconnect.

This holiday season, Blueheel Dance Studio has put together a special GIFT CARD PROMO that's too good to pass up. For a limited time only, from up to 50% off and starting from $49, you're likely to find one that fits the shoe.

Check out these specials here

Or call 905 274 3262 for more info.

This Christmas, find a gift that is sustainable, zero waste, clutter free, one that lasts longer than just the moment, creates joy and happiness and promotes good health. Nuff said.

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