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Here's the new vocabulary that's trending for Christmas gift giving this season - Less stuff. Conscious giving. Zero waste. Wellness and experiences.  There's a fresh new take on gift giving and it's just as delightful as brown paper packages tied up with string. Gift someone you love with dance and give them smiles and happy feet! Learning to dance is one of the best things you can gift yourself or anyone else. Not just because it a fun and enjoyable social activity, it's really good for your health (and a lot more enjoyable than the treadmill). How else can you get a good cardio workout, learn a new skill, sharpen your brain, improve your mental health and happiness - all while having a real good time.
For the dance lover, the activity junkie, social butterfly, couch potato or healthy lifestyle seeker - we have one for you. 

*Taxes not included. Not valid in conjunction with other offers. Limited to one per person/couple

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