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Girl dancing the Swing

Wedding Season is coming. Are you dance ready?

Why you need this Wedding Dance Party Survival Guide.

This is no time to be a wallflower. That's just painful. Especially if you have to turn down an invitation to dance from that person you've had eyes on, just because you don't know how to. The thing is, it really needn't be so. Blueheel Dance Studio has introduced the Dance Party Survival Guide - a series of dance hacks to help people overcome their shyness or awkwardness when it comes to dance.

"The biggest fear I have, is that I will make a fool of myself and people will be laughing at me."

"I can't hear the beat"

"I have no sense of rhythm"

"I'm too stiff"

We've heard it all. The thing is, you're going to have to learn how, the same way you took driving lessons or golf lessons. Learning requires that you make mistakes so you want to make your best mistakes in a safe place with someone who can coach you through the simple tricks to making you look good on the dance floor.

It may come as a surprise (no, really?) that the reason you don't know how to dance is because nobody taught you how to. Kinda like driving shift. That's why Blueheel has put together this Survival Guide for Party Season, especially for guys to give you a sense of confidence and the few necessary tips to go out there and have a good time. In a few sessions, you will learn:

- some basic dances moves to get you by

- how to ask someone to dance

- how to hold a dance frame (what do I do with my hands)

- some key tips on how to lead or follow

- how to find and keep the beat

After just your first lesson, you will already begin to feel more confident and more equipped to go out on to that dance floor.

Don't wait. Be prepared. Do it now.

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