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Turning Lockdown into Opportunity - Through Dance.

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Argentine Tango performed by Phil & Louise Green. Music composed and performed by their son, Thierry.

This is a lovely story of Philip and Louise Green, a couple who were greatly enjoying their discovery of dance at Blueheel Dance Studio when the pandemic struck. This is how they turned lockdown into an opportunity to practice and grow their newfound dance skills. In the process, they learned how to appreciate each other more and build an even stronger relationship.

Even before lockdown, our years of teaching social dancing had shown us that partner dancing brings couples closer. During lockdown, we encouraged couples to discover and use dance as a coping device - to connect, communicate and become more intimate through touch and music - and create an intimate "bubble"of their own, away from the stress and anxiety.

"When the shock of the lockdown crashed down upon us, a second shock followed closely behind: the end of dancing. In the last four years since we joined the BlueHeel Family, as Caroline calls it, dancing entered our lives like sunshine. We needed to keep it shining through the lockdown to make the isolation bearable. We couldn't let the virus shutter the windows and throw us into the shadows. A day or two later I called Caroline and asked her if we could do on-line lessons. That evening we had our first lesson.

It's been awkward sometimes, with the phone falling off the window sill during a FaceTime video call, or fussing around with Zoom for the first ten minutes of our lesson, but within a couple of weeks we had the kinks worked out with our teachers, Egor and Boris. We have been taking several lessons a week with them for the last seven weeks. Slowly we transformed our rec room into a dance studio--by pushing the furniture a bit farther away each lesson, and rolling up the carpets and pushing them a few more inches off to the side to make room for new dance moves. In those seven weeks we have been working on two routines, Waltz with Egor and Argentine Tango with Boris." Phil Green 

Phil and Louise performed their first "Virtual Showcase" online for family and friends in September last year - the Waltz and Argentine Tango. In April 2021 they performed their second virtual showcase featuring a cheeky Rumba and a new Argentine Tango routine. The video featured above is their third Argentine Tango routine, choreographed by instructor Boris Vdovine, made even more special by the fact that they were dancing to an original composition by their son, Thierry.

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