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SUMMER DIPS. Mention summer dips and what comes to mind is a jump into the cool lake or a new watermelon raspberry summer dip. We're talking a different kind of dip - the one you can try on the beach, poolside, patio or dance floor.


The move that brings out a smile or even a giggle from your partner, the move that gets you off the hook and out of the dance doghouse even when you've forgotten all your moves and managed to step on her toes. It can be charming, romantic, sexy, stylish, slow & easy or downright bold and daring.This the one dance move every lead should master, once past the beginner stage. It will make you look super cool and polished on the dance floor. And did I already mention that ladies just love this move?


A few must knows before you try to dip a lady:


1. Dips are a trust thing so it is never wise to try and pull one of with an unfamiliar dance partner. If you must, try the "baby dip" which is when you lead the lady into a shallow dip, maybe a gentle 45 degrees, that will not take her off balance.

2. And yes, balance. One common mistake ladies make is to throw their full bodyweight into the dip, taking both themselves and the leader precariously off balance or worse still onto a dreadful heap on the dance floor. Ladies need to be able to hold their own body weight and engage the core. The lead will need to widen his stance and bend into the knee in a strong, centring position.


3. The leader must know how to initiate a dip, which is easiest coming out of a turn and position the lady correctly so she can hold herself. Move your your right hand to her upper-middle back. This tells her that you want to dip her. Lower her gently backward, keeping your spine straight and your back upright for counterbalance.


It is certainly worth the investment in a few dance lessons with a trained instructor for both the follow and lead to get you comfortable and fluid rolling into and exiting a dip with style and flourish. Blueheel Dance Studio in beautiful Port Credit, Mississauga offers both private and group lessons in Latin & Ballroom dances. Trained and experienced instructors are fun to work with. Lessons are fun, comfortable and easy going.


Call 905 274 3262 for more information or to book you free dance consultation today.





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