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In the midst of social isolation and Covid-19 lockdown, some of us are finding it harder than others to cope with the social disconnection. If it's starting to get you down, it's time to tap into our instagram virtual dance workout. Dance has always been a go to therapy for me, pandemic or not. The internet has exploded with virtual dance lessons as the world struggles to deal with the COVID-19 lockdown and balance it with the need to stay healthy - physically, emotionally and mentally. Blueheel Dance Studio launched our instagram FREE VIRTUAL DANCE LESSONS as a way to keep upbeat and healthy in the time of coronavirus. Thank you for all the support and feedback which is helping us tailor our virtual lessons to your needs. You asked for more've got more cardio. Make sure you join us for our FREE VIRTUAL DANCE WORKOUT with Elsa every Tuesday and Friday at 4:00pm. As you've asked for, we've amped up the cardio. So make sure you join us tomorrow at 4:00pm at instagram@blueheeldancestudio. And do share this link with anyone you know that needs an emotional boost. Dance is magic - share the magic. instagram@blueheeldancestudio

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