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Falling in Love with Tango

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As the playful activities of summer wind down, we find ourselves transitioning from outdoor to indoor, from playful to mindful, ready to move onto new possibilities. Fall reminds us it's time to reset.

I've always associated autumn with tango. Somehow, all the pictures I see of tango dancers in the park or the streets of Buenos Aires seem to have a tinge of cool, a touch of Fall. Tango is the reason I am where I am today. I've always wanted to learn how to Tango and on my very first dance lesson, my instructor Carlos taught me how to Tango. Something inside me came alive and I felt like I was born to dance - not in the Dancing with the Stars kind of way, but a feeling that resonated deep down that "this is who I am". Thus began my journey into the world of ballroom and Latin dance.

I reset my whole life, leaving behind a career in Corporate Marketing to start a dance studio, quite by accident. It's changed my life and through dance, I have had the opportunity to provide meaningful work for myself and an opportunity to change the lives of others. A powerful transition.

Dance helped me become a stronger me, more connected to the people around me, my community, my tribe, my world. I became less conscious of my fat thighs and proud of the body I inhabit. To be honest, I loved the gorgeous dresses and the bling too, not to mention the shoes!

So many layers of life lessons, I learned through dance. The dance floor is a levelling ground.

Your richness comes not from being the best dancer but being the best dancer you can. Your confidence comes from practice and knowing that every single dancer went through the same phase you are going through right now, from wobbly beginner to balanced pro.

Perhaps the greatest joy is not mine, but to see others grow in confidence and poise, self awareness and strength. Because dance is not about the external journey alone, it is not just about healthy physical activity, it is also about soul building and inner strength.

At one time, I couldn't Tango. I can Tango now. So, as you begin your transition into Fall, I dare you to Tango.

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