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Dance Your Way to Feeling Good

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

February is perhaps the most difficult month of the year. Is it easy to stay motivated when the weather is cold and the nights are gloomy? You may have started the New Year with big objectives and great excitement, but by February, you could be lacking in motivation.

Luckily, dancing is a fun and easy activity for everyone—from kids to parents to the elderly—to get some healthful exercise in their day while also warding off the February blahs!

How Dance Can Help With February Blahs?

It is well known that exercise can reduce depression, and dancing is a good form of exercise. Plus, it's fun to shake your body while exercising, stretching and listening to music. Furthermore, dancing builds confidence, boosts learning skills, improves memory, and reduces the feeling of isolation that winter brings. According to research, dancing is more effective at lifting spirits than any other activity.

Dancing not only helps to fight those February blahs and toning up, but it also helps your mental and physical health. Here are two reasons dancing is great for your health, especially during winter:

A Dance Workout Is Whole-Body Exercise

Getting up and moving activates different parts of your body at once. Dancing helps:

● Increase strength

● Burn calories

● Improve coordination and motor skills

● Improve your cardiovascular health

● Improve balance and stability

● Increase flexibility

● Promote weight loss

Dancing is a great way to stretch your muscles, gain strength, and increase your heart rate all at once. That's strength training, stretching, and cardiovascular exercise all in one, and all while having a great time doing it.

Dancing Can Boost Your Mental Health

Dance has been linked to mental health for decades, with multiple studies showing that the more you move, the happier and healthier you become. Several studies have shown that dancing regularly can:

● Increase energy levels

● Reduce stress

● Minimize and eliminate symptoms of depression

Additionally, to its health benefits, dancing can provide an opportunity for family and friends to get together for quality time. The social aspect of dancing can be very beneficial, especially for older adults. Socially connected adults and seniors tend to enjoy a happier and healthier life, live longer, and even experience fewer chronic illnesses.

Enroll Now at Blueheel Dance Studios to Fight February Blahs

Dance may offer the best chance of avoiding the February blahs compared to other pastime activities such as golf, crosswords, reading, cycling, etc.

To combat COVID-19 and freezing February, Blueheel has the infrastructure, operations, dance instruction experience, and corporate will to create a program that will promote mental, physical, and brain health.

Blueheel dance studio strives to maintain a happy environment and to give our dancers an enjoyable experience. Come try out Blueheel dance studio for free today. Contact us via email- or call us at (905) 274-3262.

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