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Barcelona - The Inspiration for a Dance Showcase

Colourful! Vibrant! Alive!

Spain has not only given us the iconic dances of the Flamenco, the Fandango and the Bolero but also the colourful exploits of Don Quixote, the stirring music of Spanish guitar and the romance of gypsy adventures. And of course, Barcelona.

Quintessential Sensations

Barcelona is not just a city. It's a vibe. It’s is not a place as much as it is an attitude. A vibrant diversity of colour, taste, art and dance form. It has been the inspiration for architects, authors, film directors. (Check out Vicky Christina Barcelona or Perfume, if you haven't seen the movies yet!). This playground of Gaudi and home to Picasso is filled with unique architecture, fabulous gastronomical delights, magnificent museums and art galleries.

The colourful capital of Catalonia provides a rich wellspring of inspiration for our dance instructors and students to draw from, for choreography, music and dance vignettes.

Imagine the strumming of the Gypsy Kings, the staccato heel strikes of flamenco dancers , not to mention the rich and and colourful fabrics of their costumes. Its twenty-four hour party vibe provides the perfect foil for our 2020 Dance Showcase.

Come be a part of this evening of vibrant performances and dance brought to you by

Blueheel Dance Studio.

Barcelona - The Showcase


Saturday, January 25th

The Westway, 291 Evans Ave (map)




Smooth Freestyles

Rhythm Freestyles

Professional Performance

Solo Routines

7:00pm: Dance floor opens

8:00pm: Dinner

8:30pm: More dancing till close


Tickets: $35.00 available at Blueheel Dance Studio.

Call 905 274 3262

More about Barcelona:

"To get the most out of this wonderfully eclectic and sometimes chaotic city, you’ll need to know more than just what to do there, you’ll also need to know what NOT to do"

Destination Tips"... read more

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