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Kids usually show a strong sense of rhythm while they are still quite young.

“People come into the world with brains that are wired-up to detect patterns” says Dr Susan Denham of Plymouth University, UK who conducted a three-year European project with The Hungarian Academy of Sciences on how the brain processes music and other sounds. Dr Denham is among a growing group of researchers who are providing compulsive evidence that developing that sense of rhythm though music and dance greatly enhances cognitive skills, speech development and behavioural patterns in youth and adolescence.

Anecdotally the transformative power of dance is well known, particularly among dance teachers and practitioners. “We see this evidenced everyday in our Latin and Ballroom Dance Program for Kids” says Caroline Augustin, founder of Blueheel Dance Studios. “Kids may come to us shy and lacking confidence in themselves and their self expression, but by the end of the program they have discovered a new-found sense of self-esteem and a strong sense of achievement.”

Besides the obvious health and exercise benefits from increased levels of physical activity, dance is a wonderful way for children to explore their intrinsically curious and creative natures. TV shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and ‘World of Dance’ have given Latin & Ballroom dancing a new cool factor. “They see first hand from dance challenges on TV that dance can be fast and furious, energetic and a challenge. They are being exposed to the more exciting aspects of partner dancing – cool choreography, stunning lifts and moves, beautiful costumes – and they want to be a part of the new cool” Augustin says.

Yes, kids seem to catch on faster than their parents. Not only is their hearing and sense of rhythm more acute at that age, they are less likely to feel inhibited or self conscious about trying new things. So yes, your kids can dance and now is the best age for them to begin.

Blueheel Dance Studio is introducing a new Kids Ballroom program to residents this fall. It is a program for kids aged 7 to 16 who have an interest in ballroom and Latin dance. Lessons are crafted to introduce the classic forms and concepts of partner dancing like East Coast swing, Cha Cha, Tango and Waltz, etc – integrated with the raw energy of street dancing – think salsa, samba and merengue.

The three-semester program starts in September and runs through to June 2020. “Our syllabus and structure are based on the internationally recognized DVIVA (Dance Vision International Dance Association) Syllabus,” Caroline says. “Kids will be exposed to different rhythms and tempos of the dances they learn. They will also learn the history of the dance and how they relate to one another. During the three semesters, kids get to learn a variety of dances in a fun, engaging way, and then perform them at a series of showcases and competitions for proud parents, grandparents, family and friends to celebrate their accomplishments”.

Over the last decade, Blueheel has established a reputation for excellent dance instruction and an unparalleled energy and passion for Latin & Ballroom dance. Give your kids an exciting experience that will last throughout their lifetime, and the confidence they need to take on any situation with ease. For more information on the Kids Ballroom program contact Blueheel Dance Studio at 905-274-3262, visit their website or email Caroline at

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