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Why Hip Hop Still Rules Today

kids dance hip hop

So, what makes Hip Hop so special?

One word- Energy.

It’s undeniable and infectious in the best way possible. A beautiful fusion of many different styles that make each artist unique from the next. It’s dance counterpart, even more exceptional. There is no right or wrong in Hip Hop. Your dance teacher isn’t going to hassle you for not pointing your foot properly or for not having great posture; the amount of creative freedom in Hip Hop is remarkable. When a street dancer shows their skills, they bare their soul and everything they are feeling in that singular moment.

You may be asking how exactly did Hip Hop start?

In the Early 1970’s, the South Bronx was taking a turn for the worst. Though it was a bad time for many, something beautiful came out of all the negativity: a creative outlet that allowed people to positively express themselves through one of the most vibrant art forms that brace this planet- Hip Hop.

Many have argued where the genre gave birth, but most agree that one bold individual had the guts to experiment and try something no one had ever done before. A man who goes by the name of DJ Kool Herc threw the world’s first Hip Hop party during the mid 70’s and started a whole new music experience that still captivates audiences today. What made his DJ-ing so different from others, is that he would extend the break of a song (the part of a song where there is mostly just percussion) using two different records at the same time. Eventually this idea caught on and a new sound was born. Dancers at these clubs coined the name “Break-dancers” because they would create moves to the break in a song.

While the east coasters where were doing floor tricks, the style on the west coast took a different approach. Dancers were taking influence from artists such as the Jackson 5, where popping, locking and boogaloo were highly popular. As Hip Hop flew into the mainstream, dancers were now able to make a living off their craft. Notable influencers in the Hip Hop dance community during this time were Boogaloo Sam and Don Campbell. As the late 80’s approached, both formal and informal competitions between dance crews became increasingly popular. This competitive nature is what has helped the Hip Hop culture stay alive today. Though times have changed and the genre has evolved in a numerous amount of ways, the spirit of Hip Hop remains the same. Today, Hip Hop is still reaching audiences across the globe: A musical phenomenon.

Why the Kid Appeal?

Hip Hop’s youngest audience, however, is one its most dedicated. Children have been participating in Hip Hop classes for decades as its fluidity and creative spectrum is like a magnet to youngsters. It challenges them to put their imagination to use and freely express themselves. Giving youth the opportunity to participate in something both physically active and creative is one of the best gifts the world can give.

If you have knowledge in the art form, then you know the true power it holds. One song and one move can inspire a generation of people.

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