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Salsa Dancer

Ready to take a chance on dance? Even if you're not one for the Latin Clubs or cruising the Caribbean, Salsa is one dance that will have you making new friends fast. That's because Salsa dancers are real friendly and all they really want to do is dance!

There's something about the irresistible Afro Cuban rhythms that seems to reach deep into that primal human instinct to move. Like the tribal drums of our ancestral fathers, the sound of the congo, timba and clave echo the beating rhythm of life.

Many new students find it hard to identify the count in Salsa music. That's no surprise because Salsa has complex rhythms that traces its roots back to Cuba and the Caribbean with a myriad of instruments that "play" in and out of the drum beats and the 4/4 time signature. Pretty tough trying to navigate through that when you're a beginner. On top of that, beginners usually feel nervous, stiff and awkward especially when other Salsa dancers are moving so fluidly and in perfect sync with their dance partners.

The tempo is fast and the energy is exuberant. Salsa can be thrilling with fast spins and turns and fancy shines but you don't have to be intimidated. With a good Salsa teacher, you can learn how to enjoy this beautiful dance and immerse yourself into the world of Salsa. Be warned. It's infectious and it's contagious but it's something that you will never regret doing.

Tips on how to improve your Salsa Dancing:

- Start with good basics. Find a dance instructor or school that not just dances, but knows

how to break down the components of the dance.

- Practice, practice practice. Like riding a bicycle, it will take time for the brain and muscle

memory to kick in. You will need those "flying hours" for your dancing to take off.

- Listen to lots of salsa music. While you are driving in the car or relaxing at home, listen to

salsa music and pay attention to the beat. Like learning a new language, immersion is the

best way.

- Hang out with other salsa lovers. And don't be afraid to dance in public. Remember, no one

can dance like you dance, so own your dance moves.

About Blueheel Dance:

Everybody has to start somewhere. At Blueheel Dance Studio, the atmosphere is welcoming, fun, friendly and social. You are in a safe place to learn and make your mistakes here. We work to ease you into Salsa dance with beginner lessons that break down the rhythms, the steps and movements and basic patterns that are easy enough to accomplish. We starts students by acclimatizing them to the music, the pulse, the "ritmo" and tempo. Salsa is a dance to feel. Learning is easy but it takes practice, practice, practice to move with ease and fluidity.

As you move through the levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced, more intricate spins, dips and tricks will be introduced. Choreography classes are also offered for the more adventurous. Combined with the Friday night practice parties, the group lessons and private coaching will get you Latin Club dance ready and rearing to burn the dance floor.

Friday, September 28th is Latin Nite at Blueheel Dance Studio and the vibes are amazing. Awesome Salsa, Bachata and Merengue music by DJ King K, the mirror ball jetting speckled light spots on the dancers and the beautiful blonde floor - all that's missing right now is you. So join us for:

Latin Night + Salsa Fun Face Off

Date: Friday, September 28th | 8:30pm

Place: Blueheel Dance Studio, Port Credit

Dress Code: Salsa Swagger.

Tickets: $20. Refreshments included.

But wait, there's more! Drop your name in the hat for our Salsa Fun Face Off. It's a competition that's not a competition because of its riotous, unexpected twist. Names will be drawn to reveal your dance partner on the night itself. Surprise! You get to dance 1:30min in the first heat and the audience will decide who goes into the next round. You don't have to be a pro, you just have to impress the audience. Win up to $500 in prizes!

See you on Friday for some Latin fun! Check out these competition tips to win over the judges and audience and remember, the more bling, the better!

For tickets, call 905 274 3262. Tickets also available at the door.

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