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ARGENTINE TANGO: A feeling to be danced.

It is said that Argentine Tango is not a dance to be learned but a feeling to be danced. Watching tango dancers do this fluid and elegant dance is so inspiring but then wanting to learn how to dance it and be able to move like them can be so intimidating.

I know. It took me 15 years. I've had Argentine Tango lessons in England, in Australia but ironically, not in Argentina. But one lesson with Egor Shalvarov took away all my fear and misapprehensionsn of the dance.

Egor Shalvarov does not instruct Argentine Tango lessons. He teaches you how to listen to the music, listen to your body and trust yourself and your partner. What a crazy concept, eh!

Get to know and understand not just the steps of this beautiful dance but get a deeper understanding of its musicality and nuances under the guidance of Egor Shalvarov. Egor delivers an incisive knowledge of authentic Argentine tango in a most engaging way so you will come to appreciate and love the movements and dance naturally into its embrace.

Take this course and you will see not just Argentine Tango, but dance as a whole, in a totally new perspective.


WEDNESDAYS | 8:30 – 10:00pm


  • Foundational basics: the history, the music and the ethics of the dance

  • Introduction to Argentine Tango: walking in open & closed embrace

  • Learn the basic elements: forward & back Ochos, Sacada, Parada, Boleo

  • Four week immersion course

  • No partner required

  • Great for beginners and excellent strengthening for intermediate dancers

At the end of this course, you will have a solid knowledge of the Argentine Tango and be able to take to the floor at your first milonga!


Limited places left! Call 905 274 3262


Tango’s origins lie in the waves of immigrants that began arriving in Argentina and Uruguay in the late 19th century, and in the long-established African-Latino groups whose ancestors were brought to the region as slaves. Merging African music and dance such as the camdombe with European counterparts, a distinctive melodic style emerged in working class barrios of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Tango was born, spreading from its humble routes across the region and beyond, as Argentina’s booming economy brought high numbers of entrepreneurs and tourists from North America and Europe, visitors who, along with their precious metals and fancy clothes, exported a taste for this new music sensation back to their home countries. It sparked a worldwide tango craze that saw high demand for touring orchestras and dance shows in New York, Paris and Rome throughout the 1910s and 20s.

Today, the music is known all over the world, retaining the styles that first brought it international recognition a century ago. Much of tango’s appeal lies in the elegance that in many ways defines it: it is a dance that requires fluidity yet concentration, while the melody shifts between joyful and melancholy. Oh yeah, and it’s damn sexy. Passion is at the core of the music, in the grasp of dancing couples, and the sharp notes as clearly defined as the six-pack on Michelangelo’s David.

Source: Wikipedia.

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