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What to Expect From Wedding Dance Lessons

Your wedding day is perhaps the most memorable day in your life. You and your spouse have chosen to share your life in union in front of all your adoring friends and families.

You’ve got beautiful decorations, exquisite food, and everything is going without a hitch.

Suddenly, the DJ announces that it’s time for the couple’s first dance.

Everyone’s watching and you have two left feet!

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of pressure associated with the first dance, but it’s also a special memory. This is when you’ll be glad that you had planned ahead and scheduled your wedding dance lessons with a choreographer.

Read on to learn what you can expect from your dance lessons!

The History of Wedding Dances

The significance of the first wedding dance dates back to medieval Europe.

Traditionally, the first dance was an event reserved for royalty or special guests and signified the beginning of a ball or event.

North America adopted the tradition and switched it up a bit. While the first dance no longer opens the reception in most cases, it serves an equally important role. It now represents the beginning of the couple’s new lives together.

Your First Consultation

You may feel nervous as you walk in for your first wedding dance lessons, but there’s really no need! Dancing is a lot like learning a second language, no one expects you to come in with tons of knowledge already.

So take a deep breath and get ready to meet your specialized instructor!

During your consultation, your instructor will get to know you and your level of skill. They may ask if you have any previous dance experience, or what you hope to get out of the first dance.

You’ll also discuss the details of your wedding, as well as your interests and musical tastes. If you have a favorite song, for instance, your instructor can work with that.

If your culture has a traditional dance, and it’s something you’d like to incorporate, let your instructor know. This can easily be worked into any first dance!

Once you’ve made it through the initial icebreakers, it’s time for the logistics.

Depending on your wedding venue, your dance floor space will vary.

Accordingly, you’ll need to know the floor’s dimensions so you can work around them.

Even the type of dancefloor can have an impact.

Wedding Dance Lessons Will Help you Grow

Couples should take lessons together, as it’s a great chance to strengthen their bond as a couple. Planning a wedding is stressful, after all, you need time to blow off some steam!

Dancing is a great way to let out some of that stress and tension in a fun, physical fashion. Couples will learn and laugh together as your lessons will turn into a hobby instead of a chore.

Depending on your soon-to-be betrothed’s dance skill, you may also learn to be more patient. Some people are just more coordinated than others.

You should also expect to make a few mistakes.

But that isn’t a bad thing. Remember, you’re here to learn! Making mistakes is part of learning anything, whether it’s dance or mathematics.

If you were already a great dancer, you wouldn’t need lessons, so don’t feel bad and just have fun! Just embrace the experience and enjoy the ride.

By the same token, you should also anticipate plenty of laughs leading to your perfect day.

The first dance symbolizes the all-important bond between two spouses. Even if you have two left feet, get in touch today and allow Blueheel Dance Studios to make your wedding dance part of your cherished memories.

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