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4 Popular Dances To Learn For Weddings

It can be difficult to choose the right wedding dance to perform before your guests. With so many excellent dance options out there, it is hard to narrow the choice to just one.

The first dance has become a pivotal part of most weddings.

The music will dictate the type of first dance you present. Do you like classic music or the latest popular tune? If the classics are more your forte, then you can choose ballroom dances like rumba, salsa or waltz. Waltz is romantic while rumba is sexier, but salsa is the hottest and most demanding Latin dance compared to waltz and rumba. But if you want a more relaxed dance then a rhythm dance might be best for you.

Once you decided on a wedding song for the first dance, then it will be easier to take action on the style you want. If you are not sure what to choose yet, you can look into various dance DVDs to see which ones are doable and suitable for your wedding dance.

More about the individual dance styles:

1. Rumba

Rumba is called the “dance of love.” it is the easiest Latin dance. The Rumba is often the basis for most Latin rhythm dances. Seduction is the theme of rumba.

Rumba is also called “Latin Waltz.” Since Rumba is a spot dance that means you do not need to go around the floor but stay in one place while you are dancing. It is probably the most famous dance for weddings. Rumba routines fit into four beats of music.

2. Waltz

Waltz is the choice for most weddings in the past. It is because the dance is romantic and looks graceful. Once you get the hang of it, the couple can sway and dance across the dance floor with confidence. The waltz offers some unusual moves which highlight the man’s strength and the woman’s elegance and beauty.

3. Slow Rhythm Dance

It is simplest and most flexible dance for weddings. It can be performed in a 4/4 beat.

Swing dance is so easy to learn. Even people with no skills can learn this style in minutes. If you or your spouse has almost nonexistent dancing abilities, then this could be the best option for you. For neophytes, this will make the whole first dance experience entirely manageable.

4. Salsa

For more skillful partners, the salsa could be a good routine. This style offers some fancy footwork and real moves. You can show off your dancing prowess in this kind of dance.

Salsa is also known for its sexy and seductive steps which will make the whole performance truly exciting and fascinating to watch.

You can make your wedding dance style as simple or flashy as you can be. If you practice long and hard enough, partners with hardly any dancing skills can perform complex moves without mishaps on the dance floor. It will make your wedding day even more memorable for your wedding.

There are lots of dance learning center in the world, so don’t mind wherever you are located. But that does not mean that you just find out a training center and stepped in to start your dance classes. Wedding dance lessons in Mississauga is the best place for one to learn wedding dance styles. You have to research a little and also apply some common sense to find out the quality dance studio or instructor, who can help you properly for your first dance lessons for the wedding. And you know that the internet makes the searching part easier.

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