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11 Tips for Successful Partner Dancing

Ballroom dancing and partner dancing have made a rapid comeback and are trending up around the world due to the influence of TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and the ever popular latin dancing craze.

Social dancing has its charm and allows for a creative and enjoyable form of exercise with all it's benefits. Ballroom dance studios usually offer both the Internationally recognized Smooth (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot) and the Rhythm dances (Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing) and nowadays also include the Latin Club dances (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue).

Dancing with a partner requires a whole new set of skills but the rewards are enormously satisfying. Whoever would have thought that going for dance lessons included working on communication, patience and trust?

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Whether you are just starting up or a seasoned dance veteran, here are 11 tips for successful partner dancing.

1. Dance to the level of your partner

Rule number one in social dancing is to dance with your partner. Do not try to impress your partner or outshine your partner with your elevated dance skills. It will only make you look bad. Put your partner at ease, make him or her feel comfortable and start with simple moves to get a good feel and communication with your partner before you attempt more advanced steps.

2. Wash your hands and trim your fingernails

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you may be surprised. Some ladies have long fingernails, which could scratch their partner, so having neatly trimmed finger nails is always good practice. For men, having short neatly trimmed nails is a must. As well, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands before and after dancing as a point of hygiene.

3. Check your breath

When in doubt check your breath before partner dancing. A breath mint can provide a quick fix or chewing some gum, however chewing gum during a dance would be impolite.

4. Plan ahead for the sweaty palms

Perhaps not an issue for all dancers, however important to remark upon here. You need to plan ahead ahead for sweaty palms, which can be done by keeping baby powder or a hanky at hand. This is useful so that you can wipe the sweat off before making contact with your dancing partner.

5. Make eye contact with your dancing partner

This is a great way of communicating where you do not have the chance to speak to your dancing partner. Making eye contact with your dance partner shows your partner that you are focused and in sync with them as you move through your routines.

6. Talk to one other

When you are dancing, you are going to move together as one and therefore it can be helpful to speak to one another. Tell him or her quietly what you require for example, if you need a stronger frame for a particular move. Communication helps you and your partner improve in your dancing skills.

7. Choose the smile over a frown

You should realize that your dancing partner is a human being and that a smile and encouragement helps you and your partner’s relations. If you feel frustrated, that something is not working well with him or her, try to approach resolving things by asking questions like, “How can we do this better?”

8. Do what it is required of you

Partnering can be tricky as there are roles that you have to adhere to in order to ensure that it works. It is required that one of you lead and the other one follow. This is all about having trust, whereas you need to hold up the physical end of the bargain no matter if you are the leader or if you are the follower.

9. You have to keep the grip firm, but in a friendly way

When holding each other’s hands in the traditional couple’s position, you need to keep the grip firm but in a friendly way. For gents, it shows that you already know what you are doing. For the ladies, it does show that you are ready for the gents to lead you which is what is usually required.

10. To ladies, you do not have to just stand there

By this we mean, you need to hold yourself strongly and center on being a very good partner. Whether you are following or leading, partners dancing requires active participation. Rely on your partner and instil confidence in your motions.

11. To the gents, chivalry is not dead on the dance floor

Dancing can come with great pressure to gents, but leading with confidence is all that it is required. You have to be trustworthy and be strong and have a good plan. Just remember the time you’ve spent with your dancing partner and think about how they enjoy being led and by doing that, you will succeed and enjoy yourself thoroughly.

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