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6 Essentials For Choosing the Right Ballroom Dance Partner

Dance is a great way to express emotions, and when it comes to ballroom dancing, you perform better when you have the right partner to work with. You are better able to express emotions with someone you can communicate with, and if you want to hone your craft, you must choose someone who can bring the best out of you. When you do not know where to begin, it is best that you join dance classes. That way, you can gauge the skills of the other dancers and see whose style you appreciate most.

Of course, the partnership works both ways. You need to be a good dancer for anyone to even consider you. Practice as much as you can and look for new styles that dance classes offer. Remember, dancing is like language; it evolves and changes with time.

With several competitions set each year, participants are now coming up with newer and better styles. To win, you have to stand out and set yourself apart. How do you do this? It is by being innovative that you can get to the top.

In looking for the best ballroom dance partner, you need to look for the following traits:

1. Artistry

He or she can express emotions simply by moving their body. He or she is also an actor/actress because as you dance, you will also be telling a story. You should be careful to choose a ballroom dance partner whose skills match yours so that each of you is a perfect match for the other.

2. Confidence

You are confident enough to either lead or to follow your partner. To do this, you need to hone your craft and know how to move so that the energy flows between the two of you smoothly. Of course, you cannot avoid mistakes. This is where this trait also comes in handy because when you both know what you are doing you can recover from these mistakes and come up with spontaneous moves that still work well with the entire routine. On-the-spot decisions are sometimes required, and your partner should not be hesitant when it comes to making them.

3. Chemistry

When you work well together and can act as if you are an actual couple on the dance floor, you will add more personality to your entire routine. Look for someone who you have a good match with. With a lot of dance styles, this requires that two minds become one entity.

4. Compatibility

As with all partnerships, you need to work well together. You have to get along both on and off the dance floor. Communication plays a key role in a great routine, and when you have a good relationship, ideas are exchanged and you are able to implement these seamlessly. Compatibility should also be reflected in the selection of dance styles. Each of you probably know many styles; they may not mesh, however, and dance requires a good synchronization to work properly. Otherwise, if everyone wants his or her style to come first, the other person may feel left out, ruining the dancing session.

5. Patience

When you need to learn a whole new routine, you will be required to put in more hours, and that can be tiring. Your partner must be willing to work hard and realize the benefits you will reap if you keep at it. After all, practice makes perfect. You both need to be dedicated to your craft. As such, take your time to learn the new moves from your partner and allow them time to learn from you too. Impatience kills the morale to learn new things and makes the one unfamiliar with the new style feel way below the level of the other person, as far as dancing is concerned.

6. Creativity

A good dance partner is one who knows how to be innovative, to test unknown territories, and try out new things that can make you both stand out. You cannot dance in the same style throughout; that becomes monotonous and boring. As such, when choosing a ballroom dance partner, choose a person who can contribute new ideas on how to make the dancing more fun.

Make your choice well in dance partner selection, or else you will not enjoy the experience as much as you expected.

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