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Dance: The Key to Her Heart

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for many couples, this is the perfect time to rejuvenate their love and passion, and this could be through a romantic getaway, or having dinner at expensive exotic restaurant. However, if you want to make your special someone love you more, to desire to be with you, and connect more with you this Valentine’s Day, then consider taking them for a dance. Dancing is not just a good way to relieve stress and get physically fit, but one tool that can reignite your love life.

So what is magical about dancing that gets people to fall in love?

In any long-term relationship, the trick to succeeding is keeping it fresh and exciting and for you and your partner, dancing could be such activity. As you dance, you get to hold your partner close, look them in the eyes and have a sense of touch with them. This is important as it creates sexual tension which can ignite your romance, especially if you have been dating for a while. Holding your partner close makes them feel safe and secure around you especially if it is someone you just met.

Also, dancing has a routine which is mainly one person dominating and the other following, much like during sex. The dominant partner has to take the lead with confidence and the other partner has to trust the dominant partner’s leadership and this is the first sign of communication between the two. This form of non-verbal communication, body language, and physical touch creates a strong bond between two lovers, and if you are lucky, this attraction culminates into a passionate kiss, and maybe more.

Dancing can break the iceberg and be a conversation starter. If you are going for a blind date this Valentine’s Day, and are not sure what to talk about, try dancing. Instead of sitting at a table, conducting a question and answer session like a job interview, hit the dance floor, hold each other tight and let the rhythm of music do the talking for you. Dancing to music, especially a romantic song creates a good atmosphere to explore your partner’s sexual side, even without knowing anything about them. Holding her close to your chest, feeling her breath and staring at her eyes creates a magical attraction and an instant connection.

Dancing gives you a chance to hold your partner longer than you do when hugging them. With the many life’s demands, sometimes you forget that your partner needs your touch, you holding them and a reassurance that they are still “the one”. This dance creates the perfect occasion to hold her hand, get her to the dance floor and remind her she is still the one. Women love undivided attention, the kind that happens on the dance floor, where you whisper words to her ears, sing along to her favorite song and kiss her in the midst of the crowd. Make this your plan this Valentine’s Day, and watch the smile on her face.

Dancing gives you a chance to communicate at a different level with your partner. If words can’t express how you feel, let the dancing do that. As you discover new steps together, anticipate the next move together, and make rhythmic movements together, you get to connect on another level. Therapists use dance when words fail because they have found that dancing rejuvenates love. So pull her closer, hold her tight, and look into her eyes as you dance. This does more that words can express, it dries her tears, heals her soul and reminds her why she fell for you.

So what’s your Valentine’s Day plan? Whatever it is, making her love you more is the main agenda and there is no better time to try dancing than this Valentine’s Day.

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