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It’s 2017! New Year, New You! Why you should hit the floor dancing.

"Did you know that dancing is the best way to increase your metabolism, even better than the more typical gym exercises? That’s what experts claim. Dancing requires a surprisingly large amount of energy, an amount that you have no problem expending when it is simply so much fun! There are so many dances that really get your heart rate up, help you shed those extra pounds, tone your muscles, strengthen your core AND improve your skin".

Not only are ballroom dance steps pleasing to the eyes, but the dance also has lots of benefits for your health. Like exercise, one of the main benefits of ballroom dancing is shedding those extra pounds. How would you like to have those well-toned bodies of women dancing the tango or rumba? If you have started ballroom dancing while you were young, it can help a lot in correcting and developing a good posture, as this is one important aspect of this dance that you should master, although it is not too late to get proper posture as an adult. Aside from this, here are other Surprising Health Benefits from Ballroom Dancing that have been identified.

Weight loss

If you are looking for a fantastic way to shed those extra pounds, ballroom dancing could be your option. Ballroom dancing is a good way to burn calories and it can burn up to 265 calories in an hour and can burn as much calories as other forms of exercise. What is good about dancing as a form of exercise is that, you will never feel the hard work because you love the activity and it is fun.

Healthy body

Aside from maintaining a healthy weight, other benefits of ballroom dancing is that, it improves blood circulation as well as helps maintain a healthy heart. It also helps you get good balance, strength, flexibility, and of course get rid of those joint pains you get from sitting all day watching TV.

Stress reliever

Indeed, ballroom dances are fun ways to relieve stress from everyday life. It is also a good way to relax, have fun and be happy. Having a great music and gliding smoothly to the dance floor with your partner is indeed a good way to get rid of life’s many troubles and worries.


Maintaining a good posture and appeal to the audience while dancing is also a good way to boost your self-confidence. Learning how to present the art of dancing to an audience is indeed a confidence-booster and the more you are into it, the more you would likely apply this confidence in other aspects of your life.

Good posture

Practicing good posture is a requirement in ballroom dancing, and it is indeed one of the great benefits of ballroom dancing even if you are still starting with the lessons.

Well-toned and graceful body

The longer you practice the dance steps and movements, the more you will get a well-toned body as well as well-toned legs. You will also learn to move with grace even if you are not in the dance floor.

Productive free time

Ballroom dancing is also a productive and healthy way to spend your free time. If you have weekends off, you can go to dance classes instead of being stuck on the couch and on the TV. Who knows you might discover that dancing is one of your passions.

Fun and happiness

Dancing is also one way to be happy. With all the great music and lively and graceful movements, it is indeed very helpful in maintaining a good emotional and mental health.


Ballroom dancing is done in pairs and it allows you to meet a lot of people who are also interested in dancing, thus it can also help you socialize and widen your circle of friends.

With these benefits of ballroom dancing, you surely would love to be a part of happy dance classes learning different ballroom dances. So go now and start learning!

And what did the National Heart, Ling and Blood Institute say about dancing? Well, they indicated that dancing can decrease your blood pressure, aid you in managing your weight, lower your risk of coronary heart diseases and strengthen your bones, especially those on your hips and legs. The good just keeps coming.Can you believe that dancing also helps with memory, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia? The New Journal of Medicine reported that dancing does.

Like most exercises, the amount of benefit you get from dancing depends on the type and intensity. when a person gets his or her heart rate up (and) … dance is a weight-bearing activity which builds bones.”

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