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Business Award for Dance - Left Brain, Right brain.

Photograph by Shawna Rooke

Left brain, right brain. "Creative people, artists and dancers have seldom been accused of having strong right brains, so to be nominated for Business of the Year, Ward 1 Mississauga Community Excellence Awards 2019 was quite the honour" says Caroline Augustin, founder of Blueheel Dance Studios.

"It's only just started to sink in, the distinction of being one of three businesses to be nominated for Business of the Year 2019. When Bee Songvilay and I started Blueheel Dance Studio in Mississauga 16 years ago, all we wanted to do really, was dance".

Neither had any experience in running a business. "All I had to go by was my experience in advertising and corporate marketing and my father's words to me 'Caroline, if you're going to do something, do it well or don't do it at all'. It was the perfect chemistry with Bee's love for dance, adventure and his never-say-die attitude."

Both Augustin and Songvilay took a fledgling dance studio and created a happy place where people could learn to dance, enjoy the social interaction and experience the magic of dance. They knew first hand the power of dance to build confidence, free the spirit, heal the soul and bring people together. It was this passion and desire to share the joy of dance with everyday people in their everyday lives that has attracted like minded people and an excellent team of instructors and staff.

"It's been like riding the tail of a tiger - starting a business, growing a business, riding the storms along the way, love and romance, mystery and intrigue, showmanship and performances, laughter, tears and drama along the way - we could write a TV mini series!"

says Augustin. "We've met so many beautiful people who we are proud to call friends and got help form most unexpected places but we've never experienced such an rich, vibrant community like Port Credit."

The Ward 1 Community Excellence Awards, launched this year by Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko was well received by members of the Port Credit and Lakeview Community.

"It has been an exciting time for Ward 1 community businesses, neighbours, individuals etc., to be so engaged in the First Annual Ward 1 Community Awards of Excellence event!" said Dasko. "Ward 1 is unique with it's active and involved community".

Blueheel Dance Studio, located in beautiful Port Credit offers a fun, social environment to learn Latin & Ballroom Dance. It also teaches the ever popular Latin Club Dances like Salsa Bachata.

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