How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

It's been a long haul, without a doubt. Dealing with lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, social isolation for almost a year. You love your significant other and yet after several months, all that extra togetherness can seem overwhelming. How do you maintain harmony and not drive each other crazy?

Kate Moyle, psychotherapist at the UK Council for Psychotherapy, says:

  • In lockdown, our partner's habits that normally irritate us a bit can become much more obvious. The Gottman Institute recommends trying to move away from criticising or blaming your partner by using "I" statements in your communication, such as "I'm feeling", "my feelings are", rather than "you do this, you make me feel".

  • Many couples are reporting spending all their time together - but very little of that is quality time. It is important to consciously make time to be together as a couple, but also make sure you spend some time apart as individuals, even in the same house.

Blueheel has introduced Covid Dance Therapy for couples simply because of the therapeutic power of dance that enables couples to connect, communicate and become more intimate through touch and music. These on-line dance lessons give couples a "bubble"of their own, away from the stress and the anxiety. Enrol here.

The Covid pandemic, awful as it may be, has also given us a new medium to explore. Lauren and Rob Bernadi loved their in-studio lessons but have found that dance lessons in their living room have given them much more freedom to express themselves and even make mistakes because they can dance like nobody is watching. There is a new appreciation of connection and communication gained through these on-line dance lessons.

Take a tip from Phil & Louise Green who had to self isolate when the pandemic hit due to their vulnerability. "Certainly our dancing has helped us keep our morale up during this awful pandemic. We had our first on-line lesson the day the first lockdown started and haven’t stopped. We certainly appreciate everything (Blueheel and our instructors Boris and Egor have done. They are truly dedicated dance instructors and a real credit to Blueheel). The dancing has also brought Louise and me closer together and given us a very pleasant and constructive way to pass evenings, certainly better than gorging on movies, during the pandemic. We are working on a couple of exciting new routines that we can’t wait to show case."

This is a great time to start a healthy habit. Take this lockdown and make it work for you! We've crafted the program into four sweet short weeks where you can explore your favourite dance, be it a romantic rumba or a sexy salsa.

Find out more about how you can make this program work for you >>>

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