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Red Carpet, Black Tie, Blueheel.

Award Winners line up on red carpet

From left: Grace Zhang, Ruth Mirecki, Dorothy Browne, Philip & Louise Green and Mel Picart. Photograph by Nettie Seip

Feels good to be a star, as you can tell by the happy faces of the winners at Blueheel's Awards night. What started out as a theme party and student appreciation night quickly grew into an all out red carpet event, complete with glam fashion, paparazzi, et al.

Hot on the heels of TIFF and the Emmy's, Blueheel Dance Studio rolled out the red carpet at its studio in beautiful Port Credit for a glam evening of dance, runway fashion and glam. The Awards Night held on Friday, September 27th was an opportunity for the studio to recognize students for their dance progress, participation and enthusiasm. Awards were presented in l'esprit du jour for Best Dressed, Audience Favourite, Rising Star, Best Showmanship and Outstanding Student.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Outstanding Student: Ruth Mireki Rising Star: Mel Picart Best Showmanship: Philip and Louise Green Audience Favourite: Grace Zhang Best Dressed: Dorothy Browne

The other highlight was a fashion show presented by Fashion Circuit Inc and 5th Ave Fashion with Passion. It was a thrill to collaborate with other Mississauga organizations to present a night of dance, fashion and music.

And what a night it was! Thank you to all the Blueheel students who performed and their instructors, the audience (you should have got an award for Best Supporting Audience), the paprazzi (Voitek Pendrak Nettie Seip, Sacha Gendron) DK King K, Fashion Circuit Inc, 5th Ave Fashion with Passion, the models and all the beautiful people who made this red carpet Awards Night such an amazing event.

Nothing can capture the essence of the evening as well as the pictures can. Here's a peek into the evening, Just click on the links below for more.

Photographs by Voitek Pendrak, Faulty Pixel

Photographs by Nettie Seip: BlueheelAwardsNight2019NetitieSeip

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