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25 Impressive Benefits Of Dance For Kids

Article reproduced with permission from Mom Loves Best

Being footloose can work to your child’s benefit and here’s how.

Have you ever noticed that children love to dance? Creativity and self-expression are vital to your child’s well-being, and dancing is a fun way to get your child to be active. Dancing has so many pros, from physical fitness to boosting confidence and creativity. But how do you encourage it? Your child doesn’t have to become a master dancer, but there are too many advantages to ignore. Here’s how to get your child to reap the benefits of dancing.

Is Dance Education On The Decline?

I’m not a dancer, but I’m still creative, and I have first-hand experience attending a school with no artistic programs. Why has art taken a back seat in public education? It’s not just for those who want to excel in it, but for everyone.

Think about dance specifically. Surely you — assuming you’re not a professional — have gone dancing a few times. Dancing is something literally everyone can do.

Your child can dance for fun. If your child enjoys dance as an activity at school, it’s likely going to be casual. Even at most dance studios, dance classes can be taken just for fun.

Even if your child takes up dance as an academic, competitive or career-based skill, it won’t mean that they’ll dedicate their life to dance. It’s no different from any other compulsory subject at school.

Our school system is based on the unfortunate belief that performance art has no place in children’s lives. But in today’s world, with YouTube, self-publishing, indie platforms, and social media, various art forms are on the rise.

So why, then, do they seem to be on the decline in education? Numerous studies have been done on dance and its impact on students in public schools. One such study claims that dance cannot even be sufficiently represented in national assessments due to a lack of information on its progress (source).

There’s still hope. Influencers are promoting dance at schools, and the evidence is blatant. Dance not only keeps your child physically fit, but can also improve their grades, behavior, and mental health (source).



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