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Argentina. The Power & Phenomena of Dance


The promise: The heart of Argentina and the phenomena of tango come together in this explosive showcase of power, glamour & romance on the dance floor.

When I wrote the copy, I was inspired by all the romance and intrigue of Argentina gleaned from history lessons and Broadway shows like Evita; from the cowboys of the Pampas grasslands to the colourful glamour of Buenos Aires, the romantic milongas and of course, the sleek, sensual elegance of the Argentine tango.

The event did not fail to deliver. The elegant Waterside Inn in beautiful Port Credit set the tone with full length windows and elaborate swaths of sheer white curtains. But tension began to mount, as dancers rehearsed on the dance floor. Students and instructors both were concerned with the treacle-like stickiness of the floor. Dancers, like gymnasts are very particular about the tactile touch of foot to floor. Like Goldilocks, it had to be just right.

Hence the initiation of the ceremony of “the sweeping of the floor”. Sandra Rossi to the rescue. Never to be found without her talcum powder, Sandra allowed us to snow the entire floor with talc and I learned the power of humility when I saw, Egor Shalvarov and Boris Vdovine, both multi-time Canadian Latin & Ballroom Champions, take up brooms and with students alike proceed to sweep up the dance floor to satisfaction. I was impressed by the simple act of team.

Blueheel Dance Studio has been doing Student Showcases, Dinner & Dances for 15 years. I enjoy each and every showcase as I watch students and instructors show off their hard practiced routines and freestyles. I love watching students grow and glow with pleasure after a performance well danced. Or not. Even if mistakes were made on the dance floor, it was all part of the thrilling experience of performing in front of friends, family and dance peers.

Argentina was somehow special. Again I enjoyed all the dancers in their stunning costumes. I loved the beautifully choreographed routines. But this time, Argentina spread its magic. The joy and phenomena of dance manifested itself from the charming Kids & Youth Ballroom dance vignette to students pushing their personal boundaries with the Argentine Tango, Quickstep, Cowboy Waltz as well as the classic Latin & Ballroom Dances. I loved seeing more newcomers and couples dare to take to the dance floor to do their own stunning routines.

The dance floor told many incredible stories of personal triumphs, achievements, frustrations and tears, happiness and the joyful escape of dance. People connecting, students learning, boundaries pushed beyond comfort zones that helped them grow personally, emotionally and in spirit.

From the cheeky Rumba of Stephen Clark, the 26 year old from Sudbury, survivor of a horrific car accident that left him in a 15 day coma, paralyzed on the left side from head to toe – determined to recover and is now dancing again; to vibrant Dorothy Browne, the inspiration of us all – 94 years young, still dancing and loving life; to the resolve of Plamen & Elena determined to see a dream come true in their performance of the Argentine tango. I could not even begin to mention all the beautiful dancers. All I can say is thank you, well done. You inspire us all. See more pictures.

I am deeply grateful for dance in my life. For the opportunity to share this magic with people who come to Blueheel for dance lessons but stay because it is a place where friendships are formed, trust and confidence gained in mutual camaraderie. I am so lucky to have an incredible team of instructors whose passion show in every thoughtfully planned lesson.

Argentina, the showcase was magic.

Thank you.

Caroline Augustin

Partner, Blueheel Dance Studio

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