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6 Reasons You Should Celebrate Mother’s Day By Taking Her Dancing

Hey, Guys! And Gals. How long has it been since you took your mother out dancing? If ever?

Well, this Mother’s Day grab the opportunity to give your mom an experience she’s not likely to forget anytime soon, and this will re-kindle memories that are likely to bring tears of joy to her eyes. Perhaps you could even enroll her in one of the dance lessons at Mississauga Studios or take advantage of the mother’s day gift card specials.

As youngsters, we always think our moms are so out-of-date with our fast-paced lifestyles. We consider their “archaic” brand of wisdom as ridiculous and that we know everything there is to know, what with our smartphones and social media apps!

However, even after exhausting our worldly wisdom, and sometimes getting our hearts broken in the process, we usually come to realize Mom was right after all. She was right about that hairstyle not being quite right for our promenade dance, she was right when she warned you against that blue-eyed first love that swept you off your feet and she was right about passing our exams to get ahead in life. Thank you for all your brilliant wisdom Mom, for still being there for us, and for helping us figure out what is right for us in life.

So here are six reasons you should plan to celebrate Mother’s Day by taking her dancing:

1. She Can Feel Young Again

It’s possible for your mother to rediscover the optimism and zest she felt when she was younger. Dancing is one step that can make your mom recapture qualities that are essential to leading a much healthier and happier life in the long run. Did your mom love Cindy Lauper while in college? You may think to be nostalgic would make her feel so yesterday, but research shows it can have the opposite effect.

2. She Held You When You Cried

Being a toddler is not all games and fun. Having a baby is the world’s toughest job for any mom. Every time you got frustrated with life and cried, she held your hand. The tears that came flooding your face like an angry river halted the moment her stare caught your eyes. Here’s your chance to do something to perk up her life and make her smile.

3. Dad will Thank You

Your dad will thank you for taking mom dancing. He alone understands the struggles faced in keeping a stable relationship after all these years. And that anything that can cheer her up will help her forget all the challenges she’s had to face. Even if you no longer live with them, a simple outing with your mom will spice up their marriage.

4. She’s a Cool Person

Today you can move forward with confidence because your mother taught you how to.

Having a loving mother is akin to having a guardian angel who watches over you and makes sure all will be well. As you learned how things work, you needed someone to guide you. As you got older, she was there to support you no matter the circumstances.

When everyone said you weren’t good enough and you felt like quitting, your guardian angel appeared miraculously and cheered you on. She taught you the meaning of being cool. Put some cool back into her life.

5. She Forgave So Much

All of us made mistakes at some point in life. You had no idea what would happen in the future, and sometimes the fear alone was enough to paralyze you. So, you embarked on a trial and error trip. When you fought at school and came home with a bloodied nose and torn skirt, she forgave you. When you got an “F” in high school, she told you it’s alright. Now get an A+ for taking her dancing.

6. Best Role Model

Relationships within families are the most important, developmental stages for small children and young adults, and mothers play a central role. Parents give children security, stability and an appreciation of how to love and get loved by others. It takes a person truly brave to be a mother, someone strong enough to raise a child and someone strong enough to love another person more than herself. So, that’s why nothing in the world should stop you celebrating this Mother’s Day by taking your mom dancing…

…because she loves to dance.

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