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Blueheel Dance Studio is located in beautiful Port Credit, Mississauga. Awarded Three Best Rated in 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 for top dance studios in Mississauga and nominated for Business of the Year, Ward 1 Community Award 2019. We are an involved member of the Port Credit Community, located on Lakeshore Road.

25 Impressive Benefits Of Dance For Kids

Article reproduced with permission from Mom Loves Best Being footloose can work to your child’s benefit and here’s how. Have you ever noticed that children love to dance? Creativity and self-expression are vital to your child’s well-being, and dancing is a fun way to get your child to be active. Dancing has so many pros, from physical fitness to boosting confidence and creativity. But how do you encourage it? Your child doesn’t have to become a master dancer, but there are too many advantages to ignore. Here’s how to get your child to reap the benefits of dancing. Is Dance Education On The Decline? I’m not a dancer, but I’m still creative, and I have first-hand experience attending a school


SUMMER DIPS. Mention summer dips and what comes to mind is a jump into the cool lake or a new watermelon raspberry summer dip. We're talking a different kind of dip - the one you can try on the beach, poolside, patio or dance floor. The move that brings out a smile or even a giggle from your partner, the move that gets you off the hook and out of the dance doghouse even when you've forgotten all your moves and managed to step on her toes. It can be charming, romantic, sexy, stylish, slow & easy or downright bold and daring.This the one dance move every lead should master, once past the beginner stage. It will make you look super cool and polished on the dance floor. And did I already mention