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Blueheel Dance Studio is located in beautiful Port Credit, Mississauga. Awarded Three Best Rated in 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 for top dance studios in Mississauga and nominated for Business of the Year, Ward 1 Community Award 2019. We are an involved member of the Port Credit Community, located on Lakeshore Road.


Ready to take a chance on dance? Even if you're not one for the Latin Clubs or cruising the Caribbean, Salsa is one dance that will have you making new friends fast. That's because Salsa dancers are real friendly and all they really want to do is dance! There's something about the irresistible Afro Cuban rhythms that seems to reach deep into that primal human instinct to move. Like the tribal drums of our ancestral fathers, the sound of the congo, timba and clave echo the beating rhythm of life. Many new students find it hard to identify the count in Salsa music. That's no surprise because Salsa has complex rhythms that traces its roots back to Cuba and the Caribbean with a myriad of instrum