34 Lakeshore Road East. Suite 301

Monday - Friday  4PM - 10PM

Saturday  1PM - 6PM


(905) 274-3262

"The Best Dance Schools in Mississauga"

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Blueheel Dance Studio is located in beautiful Port Credit, Mississauga. Awarded Three Best Rated in 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 for top dance studios in Mississauga and nominated for Business of the Year, Ward 1 Community Award 2019. We are an involved member of the Port Credit Community, located on Lakeshore Road.

It’s 2017! New Year, New You! Why you should hit the floor dancing.

"Did you know that dancing is the best way to increase your metabolism, even better than the more typical gym exercises? That’s what experts claim. Dancing requires a surprisingly large amount of energy, an amount that you have no problem expending when it is simply so much fun! There are so many dances that really get your heart rate up, help you shed those extra pounds, tone your muscles, strengthen your core AND improve your skin". 9 SURPRISING HEALTH BENEFITS FROM BALLROOM DANCING: Not only are ballroom dance steps pleasing to the eyes, but the dance also has lots of benefits for your health. Like exercise, one of the main benefits of ballroom dancing is shedding those extra pounds. How